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Contact Us

Changge Yiming Machinery Co. Ltd.

Contact: Manager Wang Jingli

Mobile: 13462177678 13782370719

Telephone: 0374-6682821

Fax: 0374-6682821

Email: 969867860@qq.com

URL: www.vandexter.com

Address: Changge City, Henan Province, Dong Village Development Zone

Current Location: Home > Products > Three hot-rolling mill
Double core rods 146 units

My company for the Shandong Liaocheng Ocean Steel Co., Ltd. designed double-mandrel three-roll hot rolling unit a successful test and successfully put into operation, two weeks after the billet reducer has also been hot test production! Greatly reducing the steel plant on the billet type of choice, reduce costs and improve efficiency! Production of finished pipe specifications: 89mm-159mm, length of 9m or more!


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